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Top Five Reasons to Integrate Solr with Your Drupal Site

Shawn Smiley
Director of Engineering Operations

Drupal Solr Integration

For large Drupal deployments, performance is key. One way to improve site speed is to unload search functionality onto a dedicated platform, called Solr, that provides better performance and more options. Here are the top five reasons to integrate Solr with your Drupal site:

  1. The White House did it!
  2. Drupal and Solr have existing integration paths and modules to facilitate integration.
  3. Drupal 7 is becoming even more integrated with Solr, especially the new version of Drupal’s popular and robust Views module which enables quick content access and configuration.
  4. Solr is free and open source – It’s clean energy!
  5. Solr is fast. The Java searching library speeds up search and can be housed on a different server, taking some of the load off your web server.

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