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Jurassic World Site Launches - Built on Drupal 8

Nov. 2 2016
Victoria Mulligan
Marketing Intern

NOVEMBER 2, 2016 - The Drupal community has been eagerly waiting to see a big name site use D8 - and the new Jurassic World site definitely doesn't disappoint. Created on Drupal 8, there are some kick ass features built into the site's functionality that confirms D8 lives up to the hype.

Social Media integration straight onto the homepage

Social media was formatted to seamlessly blend in with the site's theme. Content from Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is incorporated to camouflage into the page, allowing for diverse and dynamic content without the overwhelming presence of social media logos taking away from user experience.

User Experience was obviously a priority

The entire site is interactive! You would be hard pressed to find a content block anywhere that isn't animated. You may think that would get distracting, but scrolling over each page watching pictures magnify and shrink is surprisingly entertaining. Add in fast fact content blocks, YouTube integration, and intel about the latest Jurassic World news, and you have a site that is informative, and more importantly? Fun.

You have to admit the interactive size chart is pretty entertaining

The site wouldn't be complete without extensive information about the dinosaurs the Jurassic series brings to life. Scrolling over a dinosaur on the size chart spotlights it; if you want more than the name, click and go to the dinosaur profile.


Homepage blocks can be individually customized

These blocks have been designed to be able to change content types based off of the latest content Jurassic World is promoting. The site will never stagnate, since it is designed so that new movie trailers and theme park updates hit the front page. Content blocks are easily customizable and keep site visitors engaged in coming back. This keeps the site "future-proofed" and encourages repeat site traffic - a win-win.




Video Integration

Teasers, trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and the like have been directly integrated onto the site. Annoying redirects are a thing of the past.




Insane amount of information

The site has all the information about the films, cast, theme parks, video games, upcoming news, and, of course, the dinosaurs. The information architecture for the site was skillfully designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, despite the sizeable amount of information.


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