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Top 4 Medical Device Companies In San Diego

Jul. 24 2017
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

4 Medical Device Companies to Keep Your Eye On in San Diego


For the past 30 years, the medical device industry in San Diego has been rapidly expanding. Innovative products and technologies are hitting the market including diagnostics, glucose monitors, spinal implants, and more. Although there are many notable medical device companies deserving of recognition, we’ve singled out 4 that are pillars in the community, making headlines, and continuing to produce innovative solutions that impact the lives of so many around the world.  


1. Dexcom


Since 1999, Dexcom has consistently developed superior medical devices for diabetes care. They have been the foundation of better treatment, for patients, clinicians and caregivers around the world. We see Dexcom continuing this success to the present day, where massive growth has occurred over the last number of years, along with some undeniably credible accolades.


What sets them a step above the rest:

  • Ranking #2 on Forbes 2017 list for most innovative growth companies

  • Quintupled their stock in the past 5 years

  • Strong internal growth - the number of employees listing as 1,500, up from 900 in 2015.  


What really pushes Dexcom apart, is their continued reinvestment in innovation and the drive to keep moving forward. They consistently look to create new products and create new opportunities through strategic partnerships, such as Verily Life Sciences and Apple (watches).

In addition to this, they have adopted an eCommerce ecosystem, managed on a single CMS that can handle their continued growth development, marketing, and selling of their products both nationally and internationally. With Drupal's modular framework, Dexcom now has a system that has:

  • Specific modules built according to each country’s requirements and hooked onto the baseline modules and theming

  • Automated workflows to determine patient login and eligibility

  • API integrations utilized to validate unique user email, shipping address, product availability per country and patient eligibility against data stored in Dexcom’s secure Oracle database

  • A revised workflow for retrieving Oracle account numbers (enhancing UX by eliminating errors to ‘missing’ account numbers in Drupal

  • See the case study HERE


By leveraging Drupal's modular framework, a system is now in place that allows Dexcom to continue to build future international sites under a single CMS.


Medical Device Companies

2. ResMed


A global manufacturer of masks, machines, and similar products that help diagnose and treat conditions linked with sleep disorders, pulmonary disease, and other respiratory conditions. ResMed has seen growth across all facets of the company. From internal culture, stock, profit, and number of total monitored patients, growth is a familiar sentiment within the ResMed community.

  • Stock almost doubling and Q1 returning a 13% growth at $432.4M

  • 7.1m patients were remotely monitored at the end of 2016 - up from 4.9m at the end of 2015

  • ResMed was named the global leader in connected care

  • 3 million patients remotely monitored every day in more than 100 countries across the world

Outside of numbers, ResMed has always sought out to innovate, which has been fundamental to their success and growth. Using a content management system that can handle intricate integrations, security issues, and indeed eCommerce is a sure way to springboard ResMed to further success and growth. The introduction of new products like their AirMini, AirFit F20, AirFit N20, and AirTouch F2 firmly concretes the forward thinking mindset within the organization, but also further solidifies the need for a CMS that can handle this level of innovation and development.

Medical Device Companies

3. NuVasive  

NuVasive has been an industry leader for a number of years, and through transformative spinal surgery has touched and changed the lives of many. Looking deeper, we see continued success and growth from this innovative spinal device company. They are the third largest medical device company in the global spine industry, featuring more than 90 products spanning lumbar, thoracic, cervical applications, neuromonitoring services, and a biologics portfolio.


While numbers like Q1 revenue increasing 16.2% to $250m show obvious growth it is finer details that that tell a great story. NuVasive's actions as a brand and their involvement with the wider transformative spinal community show great potential for growth. Some of what they are involved in:

  • The NuVasive Spine Foundation, 850 indigent patients in over 30 countries, care for underserved populations.

  • The Better Way Back program, dedicated to building a supportive community for chronic back pain patients.

  • a foundational sponsor of the Society of Lateral Access Surgery, a global nonprofit organization comprised of lateral access surgeons, 900 surgeon members.


They are fully invested in non-invasive spinal surgery and are committed to innovation, development, and research within this field. This is a key component of their future success and growth.

Medical Device Companies

4. Quidel


Quidel has products that fall into a number of categories. From combating infections reproductive diseases to fluorescent immunoassay products and molecular diagnostic products. This range of products have been the springboard for exponential growth. Q1 in 2017 total revenue is now $73.7m compared to $50.3 million in the Q1 of 2016 - a 46% increase.

Standing out above the rest, Quidel’s Sofia 2 Immunoassay Analyzer has received three separate awards.


  1. Good Design Award for Product Design: Medical and Scientific – Recognizes superior examples of good design, “a globally recognized seal for design excellence.”

  2. Patron’s Prize – Recognizes “the best Australian designed product or service in the annual Good Design Awards and is awarded to an entry that has the potential to shape the future

  3. CSIRO Innovation Award – Recognizes “the important role of design-led innovation in harnessing the challenges of science and technology to create better products and services that make a positive impact on our lives.”


Recently, they made headlines for their product, Sofia 2, as it achieved FDA approval. In addition to the several thousand hospitals, medical centers, and smaller clinics in the United States, this expands the available market for the Sofia 2 test system. Quideal is now able to diagnose two of the most common respiratory diseases more quickly, more easily and at a lower cost; a perfect fit for the specific needs of the point-of-care space.

With innovation, design, and continued growth at the heart of Quidel, there is potential for big things. The need for a CMS to cope with this consistent growth is apparent. With continued new product development, a CMS that can handle eCommerce, security requirements, and provide site visitors with a mobile optimized site will be a guaranteed stepping stone to further success.  

Medical Device Companies


As brands, as leaders, as providers, we are dealing with more information and data than ever before. Day by day, digital content takes a further stronghold on how we work. Specifically, in the Medical Device industry, the vast amount of production information that is required to bring a medical device to market is often daunting. Indeed a well-functioning CMS, will add genuine value to your medical device organization, and contribute to a smooth workflow of both human and product resources.

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