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Achieve at Drupal Camp Costa Rica

Sep. 13 2013
Achieve Internet

Como multilingüe Drupal desarrollador y empresa de ingeniería de software... en Inglés por favor

Sorry about that.  Our Spanish influences tend to distract me from time to time. As I was saying… 

As a multilingual Drupal Development and software engineering firm we love it when we get a chance to support the emerging technology scene in Latin American countries.  We pride ourselves in our Globalization expertise.  I mean, 40% of our development staff are fluent in Spanish and use it in our IRC chat room to make jokes about me. That last part may or may not be true.

Currently a few of our team members are South of the Border in Costa Rice for the Costa Rican Drupal Camp. CEO, Ron Huber, Senior Engineer, Rob Montero, and Web Engineer, Esteban Solano are presenting a session on Internationalization. They will be covering the work we recently completed for The Latin Recording Academy. Their session is titled: Internationalization, Music to My Ears.

Achieve was recently selected to provide multilingual support to  Our Drupal Development team was an integral part in updating the Latin GRAMMY site, optimizing the multilingual functionality, and enhancing the User Experience (UX).  Check out the presentation below, or click here to view our SlideShare profile.  If you have similar multilingual or internationalization needs, contact us here and we will be glad to help.

Hasta luego!


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