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Achieve + Lingotek + Drupal = Business Growth

Mar. 26 2014
Achieve Internet

Achieve is proud to be a Lingotek partner and we are excited to work with them and their innovative Translation Management System (TSM)

As Drupal development and multilingual experts we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our clients. We have yet to find a solution for managing the translation of on page content that is complete, robust and fully integrated into Drupal. Until now! Lingotek offers that and much more, and from a Drupal development standpoint, it is extremely easy to work with, use and install.

Lingotek offers a tool that integrates tightly with Drupal to simplify the hassle of translating content. We are extremely impressed with the capabilities of the TMS and the Lingotek translation module. We have a deep experience and background in multilingual, localization, and internationalization projects and Lingotek will help us deliver more robust solutions to our clients. Here at Achieve we implement and configure Drupal to handle the translation process as seamless as possible, the end product can be greatly improved with a Lingotek implementation. They have developed a true translation system that will vastly improve the process from start to finish.

Lingotek offers effective and intuitive translation management functionality using a cloud-based dashboard. Translators use a completely browser-based translation interface that provides access to all the tools needed to produce high quality translations, including glossaries, style guides, and translation memory. Their software tools and translation services can adapt to fit your content translation needs by matching your timeline and budget to the appropriate workflow—from machine translation post-editing to professional, and everything in between.

Direct integration with the Lingotek TMS inside Drupal will allow Language Service Providers and others participants to translate content directly in its native environment -- on your website! This provides a time and cost savings in itself, but even more powerful is the ability to engage any interested parties in the translation process be it bi-lingual employees, partners, or even customers.

We look forward to future opportunities to work closely with Lingotek on implementations into our client solutions. With the ever-expanding global business population not having an international web presence vastly stunts potential growth and limits new opportunities. Luckily, Lingotek and Achieve can help businesses reach their global objectives and growth goals with a tightly integrated multilingual digital ecosystem. 



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