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Scale MySQL to Support Authenticated Traffic in Drupal

Sep. 16 2013
Achieve Internet

As Drupal Performance and Infrastructure gurus, we have had the chance to work on some interesting and challenging projects.  We recently had the opportunity to work with Tesora (, a database virtualization development firm.  Tesora came to us in hopes of testing their Database Virtualization Engine versus MySQL in a Drupal-specific environment. Tesora commissioned this test to determine the extent that the Virtualization Engine can help large Drupal sites scale to handle an ever-increasing amount of content and active users.  The target usage scenarios simulated by our tests were that of a high-traffic intranet or active social community site with a large percentage of authenticated traffic both reading and creating content.

To promote and share the results of the tests, the Tesora team commisioned us to report the findings in an in depth Case Study.

The Tesora® Database Virtualization Engine™ greatly simplifies server and database optimization by:

  • Scaling your database to grow and shrink in support of varying content and web traffic.
  • Eliminating the need to configure Drupal to recognize multiple database servers.
  • Supports over 2x the number of concurrent authenticated site visitors compared to MySQL.

This paper will explore the methodology and the results from the tests performed by Achieve and the advantages of implementing the Tesora Engine for Drupal specific websites. Follow the link below for your copy of our in-dpeth study on the benefits of using Tesora's Database Virtualization Engine.


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