Integrated Communications

How to Plan & Execute Custom Integration Projects

Aug. 21 2014
Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer

Plan, Execute, Succeed

I have an upcoming webinar with Acquia, September 18th at 1:00PM EDT / 10:00AM PDT, and am excited to share our experience over the years with custom integration projects and how that has helped to shape our culture here at Achieve. We have a saying in the dev room; "plan your work, work your plan" and that axiom is never more evident than on custom integration projects. Given the variability and nature of these projects it is incredibly important to have a plan and to stick to it no matter how rocky the road gets. Sticking to a plan is challenging enough but the first step is obviously creating that plan, which requires some delicate client communications to ensure total buy-in from all stakeholders. While I am a big fan of our internal dev room quote my favorite quote regarding a plan of action comes from Benjamin Franklin; "Failure to plan is planning to fail." As you can tell this webinar is all about planning! 

Webinar Abstract:

With the proliferation of Enterprise IT Systems, such as Oracle, Marketo, SharePoint, and Salesforce, more and more organizations and clients are asking for custom integration with their 3rd party platforms. A common need for many organizations is integrating Drupal with these Enterprise IT Systems. Simple module plugins that create one-way communications are never enough. Clients always want more and typically request a two-way continuous communication. And why shouldn’t they? These platforms are astronomically expensive, and with a proper integration strategy their effectiveness can be doubled for half the cost.  

As technical experts we get very challenging requests from our clients. They can sometimes be vexing, however our team revels in the challenge of coming up with the solution. However, we have taken a few figurative lumps over the years when taking on custom integration projects, but we have developed necessary processes and strategies to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

This presentation will cover how to plan for integration projects and how to deal with the challenges along the way. 

Presentation Outline:

  • Questions to ask the client at the beginning of the project:
    • Why integrate to other systems?
    • What do you want the system to do that it doesn’t do today?
    • What are the legacy systems that need to be supported?
    • How will internal resources be allocated to support this project?
  • Questions to ask development staff at the beginning of the project:
    • Are there modules we can leverage?
    • Where are the integration points?
    • What has the client not thought about?
    • What do you need from the client up front?
  • Effective planning for a successful project
  • How do you manage changes to the plan?
  • Exceeding client expectations!

Follow the link below to register with Acquia for the upcoming webinar. Hope to see you there! 


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