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Custom Integration Projects: Plan, Execute, Succeed

Jan. 2 2014
Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer

We strive to meet client expectations with every project we take on. However, custom integration projects require a level of planning, and execution above the normal Drupal Development work to meet the high expectations of our clients. We love to take these challenges on and help our clients get more from their systems such as the work we have done for Dexcom, and the work we are currently doing for the Healthcare industry in our Achieve Health division. You can learn more about our integration work on SlideShare, in Our Offerings section, or by downloading our Achieve Health Solution Brief

With that said, we also like to share our experiences and expertise with the Drupal community and I have a chance to do that at this years SANDCamp. SANDCamp happens every year at the end of January in our back yard of San Diego and puts on display some of the best Drupal Development talent and training session in the Southern California area. I will be presenting a session on how to succeed when taking on custom integration projects.  

Presentation Outline

  • Questions to ask the client at the beginning of the project:
    • Why integrate to other systems?
    • What do you want the system to do that it doesn’t do today?
    • What are the legacy systems that need to be supported?
    • How will internal resources be allocated to support this project?
  • Questions to ask development staff at the beginning of the project:
    • Are there modules we can leverage?
    • Where are the integration points?
    • What has the client not thought about?
    • What do you need from the client up front?
  • Effective planning for a successful project
  • How do you manage changes to the plan?
  • Exceeding client expectations!

You can learn more about the session at the SANDCamp website, here, and register for SANDCamp by following the link below. We hope to see you in sunny San Diego for a great weekend of Drupal at the Beach! 


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