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Leverage Drupal to Grow Your Organization

Apr. 8 2014
Achieve Internet

Upcoming Webinar with the Drupal Association 

Your Drupal site is getting the job done. But, if you are like most organizations you want to increase awareness and traffic, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales & growth. But how do you leverage your website to do that? Most of us eventually purchase new applications that bill themselves as tools for attracting and tracking visitors, monitoring keywords, marketing automation and increasing conversions.

How many applications do you currently have? Are they truly helping you grow? With so many new applications (there seems to be a new one everyday) is technology really simplifying the lives of your marketing and sales teams? If each one of the multiple applications you use is not seamlessly integrated with your Content Management System (CMS) then technology is only making things more challenging.

As solution architects we here at Achieve Internet like to focus on tightly integrated ecosystems leveraging the right third party platforms for the job. These solutions enhance the user’s experience (UX) simplify the lives of your staff, and are proven to increase growth. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Issues facing Sales and Marketing Departments in an online marketplace
  • Challenges with having disparate sources of information on applications not tightly connected to Drupal
  • How effectively leveraging Drupal and existing third party platforms can increase efficiencies at every step of the customer decision journey
  • The benefits of a harmonious integration between Drupal and third party platforms
Title: How Drupal Integration Can Help Grow Your Business
Date: 4.22.14 @ 8AM PST
Speaker: Ben Schluter, Marketing Manager 
Audience: Business - Digital Marketing


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