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"Yum" Mule for Lunch

Jun. 3 2014
William O'Connor

We Take on MuleSoft for Lunch and Learn

On tap for our weekly Lunch and Learn series this week is MuleSoft. Our Director of Engineering Operations, Shawn Smiley, was just up in San Francisco at the MuleSoft Connect conference for the extensive developer-training program. Galvanized from his high marks on the Acquia Drupal Developer Certification test Shawn has taken on the task of teaching our Drupal Development team the ins and outs of MuleSoft.

MuleSoft is an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus and significantly improves the efficiencies for developers when integrating with multiple disparate platforms. MuleSoft is essentially an abstraction layer between all the platforms you choose to work with. This is extremely helpful, from a developer perspective, when dealing with multiple legacy systems as it allows an increased level of flexibility and extensibility where it may not currently exist.

MuleSoft gives our Drupal Development team the ability to easily manage the custom APIs they create for each project. MuleSoft streamlines the data input and management from various platforms such as Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint or any number of legacy systems that our clients use. The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform (which is what we are unwrapping today) is a complete tool for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), SaaS integrations and APIs. Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform will reduce the headaches when undertaking Drupal integration projects.

MuleSoft goes hand in hand with our focus when it comes to system integration. We help clients get the most out of their legacy IT systems so that they do not have to rip and replace them. This saves them time and headache by avoiding IT disruption costs. We also see MuleSoft fitting in very nicely in our healthcare solutions and have leveraged the platform to develop our premier CoreCONNECT solution. CoreCONNECT is providing seamless organizational wide integration of data from multiple platforms both clinical and non-clinical. Due to the pre-packaged healthcare protocols such as Health Language 7 (HL7) MuleSoft eases the technical burdens when we take on integrations with numerous Health IT platforms such as Electronic Health Records, Practice Management tools and patient portals.


I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and learning the more intricate and in-depth concepts that I know only Shawn can provide our team. Todays Lunch and Learn will be a hands on experience for our San Diego and Los Angeles Drupal Development teams and should be another great example of our belief that you can never stop learning.

drupal developers using mulesoft

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