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Healthcare Web Development Award

Nov. 15 2013
William O'Connor

Achieve Internet Awarded Best Medical Website for 2013 by Interactive Media AwardsHealthIT Web Development Award

Achieve Internet is proud to be recognized by the Interactive Media Awards ( for the work we have completed for Dexcom, Inc.  Our submission has won Outstanding Achievement in the Medical Category for 2013. The Interactive Media Awards™ recognizes the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honors individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

Our Work

In every project we deliver for our Medical and Life Sciences clients we truly believe that our work can positively benefit the healthcare system.  Dexcom produces Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), an amazing product that have the ability to save the country $174 Billion in Healthcare costs. However, when they came to Achieve, their digital infrastructure and online presence needed a major overhaul in order to make it easier for the customers to get these life saving devices.

They came to us with an extremely cumbersome sales process. There were two parts to this problem; the first was the rigorous compliance standards such as HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley, which control their industry.  Additionally, they were heavily dependent on their Oracle legacy system which contained all of their critical client and product data but was not flexible enough to give Dexcom what they really needed, which was a secure online store to expedite the patient re-order process.  We were able to give them a digital storefront by extending their pre-existing Oracle system with a Drupal front-end platform.

Responsive Design HealthIT eCommerce SolutionOur solution helped to make the re-order process quick, easy and secure.  This made it exponentially easier for customers to re-order Dexcom’s revolutionary CGMs.

By leveraging Drupal’s extensible framework, a vast array of contributed modules and in some cases automating the workflow, Achieve was able to help Dexcom reduce their overall cost of sales (COS) and increase sales exponentially. All of this was accomplished by adapting to the current client data in Dexcom’s Oracle system, which helped to minimize the disruption to existing IT infrastructure.   The site was designed using a responsive theme to give end-users ease when ordering from their most convenient device or desired location, whether that be a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone. 

The Dexcom online store now exposes its users to the products in an interactive and engaging way, which simplifies the process for the patient.  Dexcom was striving to create an easier process for their customers and with the help of Achieve they are able to accomplish just that.



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