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How Drupal Can Help You Sell Better [Webinar]

Nov. 14 2013
Achieve Internet

Upcoming Webinar: Ways Drupal Can Help You 'Make it Rain'

Are you using third party applications to improve your sales efficiencies and conversion rates? Is it working?  Are they truly helping…making you more effective….increasing conversions? Its time to get more out of your current platforms. Its about time we demand more from the software that we pay for.

There are numerous 3rd party applications designed to help you sell and market better. These tools are giving you more insight into your sales prospects and opportunities then ever before but there is something missing…what is it that you really wish your Salesforce did…do you get frustrated because Marketo is not meeting your expectations, is your Oracle system letting you down during a key step in your sales process, is SharePoint getting you 90% there, but that 10% is a crucial to your growth? 

These systems are all incredibly robust and work great on their own but to be the most effective your digital ecosystem needs to be tightly woven and inter-connected. If each one of the multiple applications you use is not seamlessly integrated with your Content Management System (CMS) then technology is only making things more challenging. 

As solution architects, we like to focus on tightly integrated ecosystems leveraging the right third party platforms for the job. These solutions enhance the user’s experience, simplify the lives of the sales staff, and are proven to increases revenue.

In this webinar, I will cover:

  • The issues facing Sales and Marketing Departments in an online marketplace
  • The challenges with having disparate sources of information on applications not tightly connected to Drupal
  • How effectively leveraging Drupal and existing third party platforms can increase selling efficiencies at every step of the customer decision journey
  • The underlying technology used to make the integration work
  • The benefits of a harmonious integration between Drupal and third party platforms
Date & time: Thursday, November 21, 2013 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 60 min
Speakers: Benjamin Schulter, Marketing Manager, Achieve Internet; Dagoberto Aceves, Senior Engineer, Achieve Internet

I hope you will join us! Follow the link below to sign up. 


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