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Advancing Healthcare IT with Proven Cost Effective Technology Solutions

Apr. 11 2014
Achieve Internet

I will be presenting a webinar with our partners Acquia on ways Open Source technology can really benefit the Healthcare IT industry. As a certified Acquia Enterprise partner I will get the chance to share our experience on building Healthcare Technology solutions and where we see the market going and how Drupal can really improve the current iteration of technology to drive patient outcomes and engagement. If you would like more information on our Healthcare Technology solutions you can read more on our Achieve Health website.You can access the registration form on the Acquia page - below is the full abstract.

Enhanced platforms to improve engagement and experience for the patient, physician and entire clinical staff.

The Healthcare industry is experiencing a major change in the way they leverage technology in part due to the recent approval of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which seeks to provide more affordable care to everyone. The ACA mandates the use of cutting edge technology solutions that provide inter-operability and patient engagement in order to accomplish the desired goals.

The ACA is mandating inter-operability and better patient engagement; it is not mandating that the healthcare industry reinvent the wheel. The technology already exists and has reached critical mass in many other industries – namely Drupal. Rather than build massive, closed, complex, and expensive systems we can leverage the power of Drupal to make the Health IT systems…healthier.

“Ultimately, we’re all patients and we all deserve better care than the chaotic, proprietary and unconnected system we experience today. “ Nick Valeriani – CEO, Gary and Mary West Health Institute. [1]

Drupal is being used by a number of major Healthcare related companies from Florida Hospitals, WellPoint, Dexcom, and Alliance Imaging. The problems that face the Healthcare industry are complex and require extremely powerful technology. Luckily, Drupal’s extensibility gives it the strength to achieve and comply with the desired outcomes of the ACA - from patient engagement, physician satisfaction, all the way to inter-operability between EMR systems. This can eventually provide a more efficient healthcare system, cost savings, and better care.

In this webinar I will cover a range of topics focused on how Drupal and Open Source technology solutions can greatly improve healthcare (including patient outcomes, better patient experiences, and improved usability) by enhancing, extending and ultimately replacing the current iteration of Healthcare Technology on the market. Additionally, I will cover the following topics:

  • How the Health IT industry can advance to the next level
  • Why Drupal is well positioned to provide immediate benefit
  • Past and current Drupal successes in Healthcare
    • WellPoint builds award winning Drupal Intranet.
    • Florida Hospitals integrates 22 campuses on one Drupal platform to improve patient experience and care across Florida.
    • Dexcom uses Drupal to extend Oracle Database and increase medical device re-orders by 300%.
    • Alliance Imaging reaches over 500 Physicians and securely sends 1M+ images a year using a Drupal portal solution.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel – Drupal is already being leveraged to help Healthcare and is poised to make an even larger impact in the immediate future.
Webinar Details
  • Date & time: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 01:00 PM EDT
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Speakers: Ben Schluter - Marketing Manager, Achieve Internet

​You can follow the link below to register for the webinar on the Acquia website. We hope you will join us!




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