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10 Amazing Open Source Healthcare Websites

Jul. 2 2014
Esteban Solano

Health Market Science

Technology Platform: Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

health market science open source IT

Health Market science is one of the big players in the world of healthcare data and healthcare analytics. They combine big data with health care technology to bring consumers the most comprehensive reports. One of the things you notice immediately is how well organized the site is. The top navigation features a robust mega menu that provides immediate access to important pages and subsections. This helps steer users to the company’s different offerings, industries, and solutions in the medical devices, healthcare systems, and Pharmaceuticals sectors.

Alliance Health Care Services

Technology Platform: WordPress CMS

Alliance Health Care Services open source IT

Alliance is a health service provider specializing in diagnostic imaging and radiology. The site does an amazing job at using its graphics to create a better user experience. Additionally, they provide patient-centric functionality with a treatment facility finder that allows users, patients and physicians to easily find the closest Alliance Imaging facility. The Alliance site also provides a number of convenient features that allow users to manage their healthcare through an extensive patient portal.

Hurley Medical Center

Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Hurley Medical Center Open source IT

Hurley is a Michigan based medical center specializing in many different programs such as breast cancer research, and a state of the art diabetes center. Their Drupal powered site features a simple and intuitive interface. The site is graphic rich, using large pictures to convey the company’s message, patient experience and the center’s technological capabilities.


Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Health Pfizer open source IT

The Pfizer website is a great example of Drupal’s flexibility. In contrast to Hurley’s graphic rich site, the Pharmaceutical giant’s site is much more content heavy yet maintains a logical structure. The site’s content architecture and hierarchy makes it easy for users to navigate and find the information that is most useful to them. Additionally, they provide an extensive integration into their numerous social media channels to promote user engagement.


Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Health Oragenics open source IT

Oragenics website has the boldest design out of all of the sites on this list. Instead of the traditional top navigation bar, Oragenics site features a circular navigation hub. The design is refreshing both aesthetically and functionally. The flexibility of the Drupal framework is on display with this site. Drupal allows for highly trained front-end engineers to create innovative user experiences with tools such as Angular JS, which was used to create the circular navigation menu.

Caris Life Sciences

Technology Platform: WordPress CMS

Caris Life Sciences is an industry leader in personalized medicine.  Caris uses its extensive expertise in health care technology to bring about new innovations in the health care sector. The Caris site features copious amounts of content yet it still maintains a user-friend site architecture and site map. One great feature that the Caris site offers is an extensive user-portal, which gives physicians access to secure information regarding molecular sequencing data.


Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Dexcom open source IT

Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitoring device manufacturer. They are pushing the envelope with regards to medical devices, patient centric experiences and health care technology. Built by our very own developers, Dexcom’s Drupal site features a very human-centric design as Dexcom is hyper focused on the patient experience in every detail from the devices themselves to the eCommerce experience when purchasing a device. Our team helped Dexcom improve the patient order and re-order process with a compliant portal that is optimized for mobile, which allows users the ability to easily order their glucose sensors on the device of their choice. To read more about how we helped check out the Dexcom Case Study.  


Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Health Humana open source IT

Humana health care engaged in an extensive Web Experience campaign to promote their well-being and life style services. The My Well Being site is a place for Humana users to go and get health information that is relevant to them based on their past experiences with network physicians and their interests. Built using Drupal, the My Well Being site provides a number of interactive media to increase patient engagement from videos to games and photos. The site features extensive social media integration, which allows Humana patients to further interact with and engage with the health information that is most important to them.

Florida Hospital

Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Health Florida Hospital Open Source

The Florida Hospital architecture is a glowing example of the scalability of Drupal. Florida Hospitals, with the help of our partners at Acquia, created an integrated ecosystem of their 22 medical campuses across the state. The infrastructure showcases how web applications can vastly improve the patient experience and ultimately improve health outcomes. The Florida Hospital system detects user location based on IP address and serves up the most relevant site across the 22 various locations. Additionally, the sites provide users with a display that features the up to date wait-times in the corresponding ER. Florida Hospitals is a great example of how patient-centric health IT can be leveraged to improve the patient experience.

Mhealth Grand Tour

Technology Platform: Drupal CMS

Health mhealth open source IT

Mhealth Grand Tour is a global initiative by the mobile industry to promote the growth of mobile health apps in order to treat patients more effectively. The site is stunning on many different levels. It is media rich with great use of pictures and embedded video. Given their champion status in the mhealth field, it’s a no brainer that the site features a user friendly registration and eCommerce portal which enables users to quickly sign up for the company’s mobile health initiative tour.

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