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Nov. 19 2013
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JP Morgan Chase: A Case Study in What Not to Do

Know your market and how to connect with them 

Cue the Hall and Oates...(it’s an amazing music video so I won’t be too mad if you spend the next five minutes jamming out).  JP Morgan Chase is “Out of Touch,” and if they weren’t such an enormous enterprise they might even be out of time (if we are following the Hall and Oates story arch). They recently attempted a Social Media campaign on Twitter that was so out of touch with their audience that it left them with a huge black eye.

The ramifications of this fiasco might not have a lasting effect due to the sheer size and clout that JP Morgan has; but if you pale in comparison to JP Morgan Chase then something of this nature could severely effect your growth and reputation as a business.  I know we all aspire to be like the big boys, but lets take this recent disaster and learn from it.  However, if your business is of comparable size and influence to JP Morgan Chase then please click here, and we will solve all of your online needs (wink).

If you are delivering the wrong message, in the wrong place to the wrong audience you could end up with a figurative black eye, just like JP Morgan. You could turn off your potential customers and anger your boss in the process because you are ultimately not meeting sales goals. For small businesses this could spell disaster.

Take heed from JP Morgan, you need to know your audience, where they interact, what methods of communications they use, where they are and what they want to hear. The last being the most important; what they want to hear. Our clients come to us with the same questions and concerns; they know where their audience is but they cannot effectively reach them. It becomes our job to help them reach that audience through a successful online communication strategy. 

You can reach your audience with ease by utilizing the extensibility of Drupal. Deliver the message you want and the message your audience wants to hear by integrating your Content Management System (CMS) with all of your Social Media channels. Simple integration points such as this make it easy to get the word out to your audience, just make sure it’s what they want to hear. Don’t be “Out of Touch” with your market. By leveraging your Drupal CMS you can achieve an effective online communications strategy that can help you deliver your message to the masses. We can help you make sure you avoid the pitfalls and PR disaster that JP Morgan is currently experiencing by helping you to provide the right information to the right people through the right channels.

If you are struggling to connect with your audience let us know and we can help you develop an effective online communication strategy.  Additionally, I will be presenting a webinar on effective integration strategies to optimize your sales efficiencies on Thursday, November 21st at 1PM EST, which you can access here

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