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Jun. 9 2014
Lamin Turay
Channel Manager

Improving the Quality of the Healthcare Experience

As leaders in UX consultation and development we fit in extremely well here in Los Angeles. This city is all about atheistic appeal, which permeates every bit of the culture. Given that Los Angeles is also the Media & Entertainment capital of the world it makes sense that amazing UX is apparent on every digital property that comes out of the region. From Beyonce and Lady Gaga to Universal Music Group and everything in between these sites are built to deliver the best User Experience possible. However, great User Experience lies in more than just good-looking design. Elegant and sophisticated designs cannot be realized without a technically proficient back-end development firm. The Beyonce and Lady Gaga sites require first-class development talent in order to bring the slick functionality to life. Without skilled developers those designs just become a static façade.

This puts our Los Angeles Drupal Development team in a prime position to work on the most cutting edge and innovative projects that our Los Angeles clients can dream up. We have been building highly sophisticated Drupal projects for over a decade now and we have been able to deliver, through our development expertise, award-winning Drupal platforms for numerous Media and Entertainment clients. Our Los Angeles Drupal team recently moved across town to the Miracle Mile, which is fitting as we like to call them the Miracle Workers. This move has put some of our most senior Drupal engineers next door to a few of our clients and some of the biggest names in Los Angeles, from NBC Universal, The Screen Actors Guild and E! Entertainment to name a few.  

Los Angeles Drupal Development

This strong focus on immersive UX has rubbed off on the Los Angeles healthcare technology community as well, which is a step in the right direction. We will be attending two great events this Wednesday June 11th focused on the healthcare experience as it pertains to the technology being developed and used. Health 2.0 will be hosting a Healthy Communities Data Summit all day Wednesday and you can read more about our involvement in the event and the community on our dedicated healthcare technology blog at Achieve Health.

Then on Wednesday night there will be a MeetUp event focused specifically on Improving the Quality of the Healthcare Experience. This event will be hosted by the Los Angeles User Experience Group and we are very excited to attend. The event will focus on effective product and UX design that will be a catalyst for change in the sector. The same intuitive UX that has helped revolutionize the digital entertainment market needs to be adopted by the healthcare sector in order to see improved clinical and patient outcomes.

Over the past 3+ years we have been focused on improving digital healthcare experiences by developing effective and innovative technology solutions using Drupal. We have leveraged our experience in UX development to make an impact in the healthcare sector. Our Drupal development work for WellPoint and Dexcom has been extremely well received among well-respected media agencies so much so that both projects have received national recognition, awards and praise.

We are very excited to share the work we are doing at Achieve Health to push our initiatives and the sector forward. We believe that by creating effective technology solutions, through intuitive design and sound system architecture, we can improve healthcare experiences and outcomes.

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