SmartDocs & Swagger UI - A Comparative View

by Ian Cassidy|Marketing Manager

Below is a comparison of the features SmartDocs and Swagger UI offers out of the box for the Drupal-based developer portal. The information here is to highlight the difference between two commonly used modules and to make clear what could work best for your business. 


SmartDocs is the current API documentation solution offered in the Drupal 7-based developer portal (not the out-of-the-box portal integrated directly into Apigee Edge). SmartDocs allows developers to read about APIs, send live requests, and view live responses from the API. SmartDocs can import and render OpenAPI 2.0 specifications as HTML documentation for consumers. Find out more here.

Swagger UI Field Formatter

Swagger UI Formatter leverages the Swagger UI project to render API documentation in developer portals. Similar to SmartDocs, developers are able to read about APIs, send live requests, and view responses from the API. Swagger UI Formatter is compatible with OpenAPI 2.0 specifications with support for 3.0 as well.

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Feature Set Comparison

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