Guardion Health Sciences

Guardion Health Sciences


Guardion Healthcare Sciences, a company focused on addressing the escalating demand for solutions to improve life-diminishing health problems facing the aging Baby Boomer generation, approached Achieve to develop an e-Commerce solution for its online billing system.  With over 90,000 hours of Drupal development experience Guardion had confidence that Achieve was the premier Drupal partner for its enterprise billing solution.  

The Challenge

Guardion needed to convert their recurring billing functionality from the existing Ubercart system that leveraged the payment gateway to a Customer Information Management (CIM) based billing solution.  Guardion wanted to change the way the recurring billing was handled both on the front and back-end of the site.  Achieve had to develop a software solution that gave Guardion increased control over its billing process.  Along with billing functionality, Achieve also performed security updates for important modules on Guardion’s primary website.

The Solution

To accomplish the desired functionality, Achieve had to contribute new modules that allowed for the appropriate CIM integration.  Achieve also enhanced  the administrative interface to facilitate the ability to manage all billing processes from the back-end of the platform.  Achieve had to do this in a way that did not disrupt current customer billing interaction and therefore did not convert these customers until they updated their card information or changed their previous order.

The Result

Achieve provided Guardion increased control over its billing process.  This responsive ability was done smoothly and created a seamless transition for existing customers.  Achieve ensured that Guardion was up-to-date with all current best-practice standards for safety and compliance regulations. Guardion saw this as a key blocker to their success and Achieve was able to open this critical path for continued growth.


Converted the existing billing system and enhanced the platform to provide increased control to site administrators, thereby creating a more responsive and agile billing solution, and improving the billing process for new and existing customers.