The Challenge

The Latin Recording Academy approached Achieve with the hope of updating their current platform prior to the 14th Annual Latin GRAMMYs event on November 21st 2013.  The goal was to enhance the User Experience (UX) of the new platform to better reflect their American counterpart, The GRAMMYs.  The major challenge that needed to be addressed was including multi-lingual support to the new platform. The Latin Recording Academy audience required multiple languages including, English, Spanish and Portuguese to better appeal to the Spanish speaking audience.  

Achieve was tasked with migrating over 1,000 pages of pre-existing content from the old platform to the new platform. This proved to be a challenge due to the fact that the old content was not originally optimized for multi-lingual support not Responsive Design.

This initiative had a stringent timeline as was required to be complete well before the 14th Annual Latin GRAMMY award show to allow The Latin Recording Academy the necessary time to increase exposure and awareness of the new site.

The Solution

The over arching goal for the Recording Academy was to achieve better brand and product consistency.  The previous Latin GRAMMY website did not meet the standards of the American GRAMMY site. To solve this Achieve was able to leverage the pre-existing website and enhance it to include multi-lingual support.

To migrate the massive amount of pre-existing content Achieve had to write custom migration scripts to update the codebase to allow for multi-lingual support on the new platform.  This allowed the development team to leverage the multi-lingual support on a site wide basis.  The migration supported numerous content types such as press releases, artists, events, galleries, blog posts, and nominees.

The Result

The Latin Recording Academy now has a significantly more stable foundation with which to build upon.  By updating the UX of the Latin GRAMMY website The Recording Academy is able to achieve better product alignment and brand consistency, while appealing to a broader international audience.  The new cutting edge look of The Latin GRAMMY site gives users a more positive and memorable User Experience (UX). Along with being Mobile Responsive, with the ability to render content on tablets, smart phones and other devices, the site now gives users the option to view the site in English, Spanish or Portuguese.  The website now incorporates cutting edge tools from image sliders, galleries, social media interaction, user polls and other features that encourage user interaction and engagement.


Enhanced the overall User Experience by migrating the LatinGRAMMY website to the new platform, increasing user engagement and expanding LatinGRAMMYs marketability, while broadening its reach to a global audience.