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Conserve Water with Drupal Development

Jun. 11 2013
Achieve Internet

Achieve is proud to be the development team behind the San Diego County Water Authority's (Water Authority) new website  The site focuses on conservation of water within the local San Diego County.  After a year of development Achieve is honored to support the Water Authority as they launch their new Water Smart property.  

To read more about the site and its features you can follow the link below to check out the San Diego Union Tribune's write up of the launch. 

As Drupal Development experts we were glad to be selected for site development as the Water Authority continues their Open Source initiatives. 

The WaterSmart website will serve as an intuitive water-conservation resource for the public. The site includes tips for conserving water indoors and outdoors, for both commercial and residential conservation programs, a water-use calculator tool, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, “how-to” guides, and much more.

Stay tuned for more information on the steps we took to support the San Diego County Water Authority as they launched Water Smart San Diego. 

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