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Drupal for Healthcare [White Paper]

May. 14 2013
Achieve Internet

A Win-Win Situation

Open Source software, namely Drupal, can be leveraged to accommodate the technology needs of numerous corporations across a vast spectrum of private and public sectors. The constant collaboration of the Drupal community gives users the freedom to rapidly deploy new innovations in a way that a closed proprietary system does not allow.

The focus of this whitepaper will be to shed light on a few key topics and lessons learned as we ventured into a new, untapped and rapidly expanding Healthcare market:

  • How we made the shift into Healthcare
  • What we have learned and continue to learn from our experiences
  • How a niche vertical focus can be beneficial from a business perspective
  • The pains within the Healthcare vertical
  • How Drupal adoption can alleviate those pains

How Drupal can make you Healthier

The Healthcare Industry has been under fire in the past few years and the Government continues to bring the heat. 

There are numerous intended results and outcomes, but the key criteria for success are:

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Decreased cost of care
  • Improvements in the quality of care
  • Limited wasteful spending
  • Optimized use of technology solutions

I will elaborate on these intended outcomes and how Drupal aligns with each new need the healthcare market requires within the full whitepaper. Some of the key Drupal contributions that I will speak to are:

  • Security
  • Integration
  • System Reporting and Auditing
  • Extensibility

The white paper will elaborate on our strategy for taking on a new vertical and the benefits the strategy has had for Achieve.  This is an Open Source approach to explaining our business strategy and sharing our knowledge learned, because it is a win-win situation.  The faster we as businesses learn from each, the faster we can all realize success through the continued growth of Drupal adoption. 



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