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What is Solr?

Mar. 20 2013
William O'Connor

And how can it make your website better?

Apache Solr is something that we here at Achieve Internet are quite fond of.  The Apache Solr Search module has allowed us to complete some of the most challenging and high profile projects that our development team has taken on here at Achieve such as the search functionality for  Apache Solr is a technology that can be leveraged for most websites irrespective of what content management system (CMS) used.

Apache Solr is an incredibly fast, powerful, reliable and customizable Open Source search platform that takes a basic website to the next level by giving it world-class search capabilities.  For example, Apache Solr lets you refine your search with its fully faceted capabilities.  When you only want to search for Groups on as opposed to Themes, Apache Solr gives you that capability.  Our development team is so keen on the performance and usability enhancements that Apache Solr offers that a few of them provided input on their favorite features and benefits.

Top 10 Ways Apache Solr Search Can Make Your Website Better:

  1. UNLIMITED SEARCH CAPACITY: “Apache Solr is highly flexible, fast, and performance-optimized with load balancing and static caching, which means Apache Solr can support websites with very high amounts of search traffic.  This provides options for near unlimited search capacity.” – Shawn Smiley 
  2. ROBUST ADMIN INTERFACE: “Apache Solr comes with a comprehensive HTML administration interface which allows the admin to accomplish multiple tasks from reporting, to direct querying to,glancing at the number of indexed documents and terms.” – Rob Montero
  3. RICH SEARCH: “Apache Solr provides richer search capabilities than Drupal’s core search function and is vastly superior in terms of its performance. This means you get better and more relevant search results, and you get them faster.” – Bill O’Connor
  4. HIGH VOLUME SEARCHING: “High volume searching can be very burdensome to your website and can slow down overall performance if multiple users are performing searches at the same time.  Apache Solr can do the heavy lifting required of high volume search so that your site can operate at its intended performance levels.” – Dagoberto Aceves
  5. EXTENSIBLE INTEGRATION: “Apache Solr can be integrated into various commercial and Open Source platforms (such as Drupal) and can be modified to meet the specific demands of almost any application.” – Bill
  6. RICH DOCUMENT SEARCH: “Apache Solr can handle full-text searching of rich documents, which means that you can search for a specific term inside of a PDF within a database of thousands of PDF and Word documents.” – Esteban Solano
  7. FACETED SEARCH: “Apache Solr handles full faceted searches.  In other words, it makes the search process customizable by allowing the user to break the search terms into multiple facets and further refine their search results based on specific terms.” – Mike Lee
  8. INCREASED SCALABILITY: “Apache Solr is highly scalable, meaning it can take on a massive search load or a small search load without significant degradation to the search experience.” – Bill
  9. FASTER SEARCH: “Apache Solr provides much faster search functions than out of the box solutions from Drupal and other content management systems.”  – Dagoberto
  10. FULL-TEXT SEARCH: “Full-text searches using databases can be slow or inaccurate. However, Apache Solr performs full-text searches of content quickly and painlessly, out-of-the-box.” – Esteban

If you have questions about how Achieve Internet can help your website with Apache Solr Search capabilities, Contact a Rep.


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