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Who is This For?

This workshop is ideal for teams that have deployed Digital Transformation and are transitioning or migrating their solution. If your team is familiar with API best practices but need strategic help on specific aspects within Apigee these sessions are built to target your specific technical needs.

Strategic Assistance on Specific Apigee Initiatives

Assistance in migrating your solution to other major platforms listed below. You stay focused on the bigger picture - we'll connect the dots. 

API Platform Migration

What Will You Get?

The outcome of this workshop includes a 30/60/90-day plan for
Apigee Edge/API Management along with defined items to be
completed via 2 development sprints.


Platform Migrations

  • Layer 7

  • MuleSoft

  • Snaplogic

  • Kong

  • RogueWave

  • Akana

  • Mashing

  • Apic

  • Other proprietary platforms

Workshop Agenda

  • Apigee Edge deep dive

  • Review of current and planned environments

  • architectural discussions

  • Security requirements and workflows

  • Short and long-range business considerations

  • Working topics can include:

    • API Design and API product design

    • Apigee Edge configuration

    • Writing/rewriting APIs

  • This engagement is often followed by 2 targeted Apigee Edge
    development sprints. This workshop is designed for maximum
    exposure for your internal teams.

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