Featured Case Study - StubHub


StubHub is one of the largest online ticket exchange companies, providing services for both sellers and buyers of tickets for sporting events, concerts, and entertainment. They have become the world’s largest ticket distributors, with over 16 million unique page views and 10 million live shows per month.  

The Challenge

One of the issues faced was how the external products and resources used by StubHub and their clients, were based on a number of different websites and systems with their own individual login, URLs, etc. There was a distinct lack of system cohesiveness in their developer environment which showed promoted inefficiencies to both the user and customer journey.

StubHub wanted access to all of these systems on one single platform to streamline the journey for their clients and partners. Building a developer portal that brought together all of these different products and resources, was the ideal solution.

Another challenge StubHub faced was making their developer portal user-friendly for all of their clients. There needed to be a way to categorize clients based on their needs. This came from an understanding that different clients have diverse use cases. While others may need access to more advanced products and documentation, some users may only need access to simpler tasks or trials.   

Lastly, their previous developer portal wasn’t a great representative of the brand. It lacked design and character, without any focus on user engagement.

The Solution


Certain external systems like Heroku and StubHub’s existing widget builder are now replaced within the developer portal.  The engineers at Achieve were able to leverage their expertise and now have a ‘one stop shop’ for all previous external systems used by StubHub. This greatly improved workflow and experience for all those exposed to these systems.

Continued Customer Success

Achieve solved StubHub’s user engagement issue by implementing custom tiered level management for customers. With different access levels for clients, users are able to experience a greater custom experience based on their needs. New clients are given access to products at a standard level and as they move forward they can request upgrades. Current and larger clients have access to new and higher level products. While making their developer portal more user-friendly for new customers, StubHub was able to keep their larger clients pleased by ensuring their process was still streamlined.  

Consistent Branding

Achieve applied StubHub’s branding throughout their developer portal. They wanted a developer portal that mirrored the brand. We worked closely with StubHub’s designer to ensure their message was consistent with the overall brand through their developer portal.


Our team was able to construct StubHub a developer portal that reflected their brand, while also being fully functional with system platform integrations and custom, tiered access levels. We brought together external systems and resources under one roof, which allows StubHub to administer their ticket management system, API products, and ticket products. Replacing these previous systems with their new developer portal, streamlined workflows and create a rich environment for developers and external users to engage with the brand.