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Building a community to drive the API-first mindset

This workshop is designed to take your API program to the next level. Build a community of API leaders to drive organizational change, and enable your team for future success. 

Community of Practice

Who is This For?

This workshop is ideal for teams looking to kickstart their organization’s Digital Transformation by establishing an API Community of Practice. Over the course of 2 days, a Digital Engagement Lead and Digital Transformation Architect will guide you through building and equipping the community for success. They will take your team through identifying community leaders, how to empower digital transformation, how to foster organizational enablement while covering API lifecycle and program development.

What Will You Get?

  • 30/60/90 day action plan

  • Success Matrix

  • 1-year roadmap & 2 quarterly check-ins

  • Support workshop materials

  • If purchased (consulting delivery based on 30/60/90 plan)

    • Adoption and content creation plan/Marketing plan/rollout plan

    • Ongoing enablement

Workshop Topics

  • Roles: Community Leads, Subject Matter Experts, and Contributors

  • Empowering Transformation: Vision, Principles, Best Practices, and Evangelism

  • Federated Maturation: Communities of LOBs

  • Knowledge Sharing & Digital Enablement

  • Internal and External API Program Adoption

  • API Lifecycle and Apigee Installation

  • Developer Portal

  • Developing and enforcing consistent API governance and security

  • Measuring CoP success

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