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Achieve Internet is a leading enterprise software solution provider with over 20 years of development experience. Our core business is providing solutions and services for Google’s Apigee API Management platform.

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The Goal

To show the ROI of their API program, Allstate knew they had to quickly build and launch an API Portal on budget.

The Challenge

The Allstate team lacked the specific knowledge around API Portals and Apigee Edge to bring their vision to life, resulting in consistent delays and budget issues.

The Solution

Allstate brought in Achieve Internet, an Apigee preferred partner, to create and implement a developer portal.

The Impact

The portal launched within 90 days of Achieve Internet coming on board, which resulted in a 181% increase in digital engagement across the business.


“Achieve Internet helped us provide a truly best-in-class developer portal experience for our developers and all the folks that are consuming our APIs… Certain things are vital to the success of a developer portal. The packages offered by Achieve Internet provide you—from Day 1—the ability to deliver an experience that will get you high marks in terms of engaging your developers.”

- Senior API Evangelist, Allstate

How Allstate Boosted Their API Engagement by Over 180% After Launching an API Portal in Less Than 90 Days

The Goal: Show ROI of Their API Program

Allstate is a US-based insurance giant that provides insurance products to over 16 million households.

They were searching for a way to gain new revenue channels and wanted to improve the experience of developers from other companies who needed to consume their APIs to help deliver digital capabilities to their customers.

The Challenge: Building a New Skillset

The challenge was to create an API portal that would provide an intuitive user experience for developers while being a scalable and more profitable solution for the organization.

Before working with Apigee along with Achieve Internet, the insurance carrier had to overcome numerous challenges to expand their revenue channels and improve their developer experience:

  • A lack of visibility and adoption of APIs internally and externally.

  • A resource-heavy service model for their Roadside Assistance program with an absence of activities that drive efficiency, cost savings, and new revenue opportunities.

  • A shortage of technical talent to successfully create and support a Drupal developer portal.

  • A limited understanding of how Apigee Edge can be optimized.

Knowing that they were behind schedule and over budget, they knew they needed help to save the situation.

The Solution: Bring in a Trusted Partner to Build Their API Portal

Allstate called in for Achieve Internet, an Apigee certified partner, to create and implement their API portal.

Achieve Internet used the following tools to continuously optimize the company’s developer experience:

  • Apiboost: an enterprise-grade API portal with the plugin architecture needed for a quick and scalable solution.

  • Boosters: individual plugins that expand the functionalities of the core Apiboost solution, including Teams (for granular access control), SSO, RBAC, CI/CD, and Advanced Analytics.

The new portal gave developers ease of access to APIs to empower innovation within the enterprise while its ease-of-use helped speed up the implementation of their roadside assistance APIs.

The Impact: Live in 90 Days

Following its partnership with Achieve Internet, Allstate managed to turn things around, optimizing their workflows, lowering their costs, saving them time, and securing the future of their development ecosystem:

  • The portal launched within 90 days of Achieve Internet joining the project.

  • The streamlined developer experience resulted in a 181% increase in digital engagement across the business. Multiple divisions are now engaged in the API-first digital transformation the InsureTech space requires.

  • Achieve Internet increased the capacity of Allstate’s API program to over 2,000,000 digital rescues while saving over $3 million in API-related costs.

  • The portal made it easy for developers to quickly access APIs and find up-to-date documentation, promoting innovation.

  • Allstate was again recognized as a top 50 user experience company, a 2019 Digital Edge “50” winner.

If you would like to listen to the webinar where Allstate tells us about the impact of Apigee and Achieve, click here.

Listen to our Webinar!

If you would like to listen to the webinar where our InsureTech clients tells us about the impact of Apigee and Achieve, click here.


Case Study: How Allstate Launched an API Portal in 90 Days

How One of the Largest Insurance Companies in the World Unlocked the True Potential of Apigee.

3 min read

By: Achieve Internet on Jul 29, 2021

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Case study paragraph


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