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Ron Huber is an experienced senior executive with over 15 years managing and leading software teams in the online media, Internet, and software development space.

Ron co-founded Achieve Internet in 2002 to help bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the desire to create memorable, awe-inspiring consumer experiences through web and mobile applications.

Ron’s vision behind Achieve was to create a company with the belief that open source software was going to reshape the software industry, as we know it. Over the years Ron has built Achieve into a successful software development firm, with a focus on innovation and execution. His company has supported and resolved complex technological challenges for companies like Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, The Recording Academy, Alliance Healthcare and Universal Music, to name but a few.

Ron possesses a strong passion and great interest in merging technology with consumer behavior, allowing him to create truly unique experiences and unparalleled value for Fortune 500 companies. This has allowed Ron to grow and lead Achieve to success.

Ron began his career in the beverage industry working with companies like Coors Brewing and EJ Gallo, where he learned a great deal about merchandising, consumer behavior and product marketing. This experience provided him with valuable insights into the motivation of turning casual observers into consumers.

Prior to launching Achieve in early 2002, Ron worked for a host of leading online properties including SMC Networks, where he served as General Manager of the company’s online business unit. During his time at SMC, Ron helped the company successfully transition from traditional brick-and-mortar sales channels to online markets. He later expanded his endeavors by co-founding a Venture Capital backed community-based online magazine called The culmination of his experience in the consumer products industry and the Internet space has enabled Ron to help develop some of the world’s most intricate and cutting-edge technology platforms.

In addition to his responsibilities of running Achieve, Ron is an avid student of leadership. He enjoys sharing his passion for technology with the Drupal community, among other organizations. Ron is a regular speaker at events throughout the country as well as the co-organizer of CXO and Business Summit events. In his spare time, he can be found coaching youth sports and playing golf. Ron holds a business degree from the University of San Diego and has been a member of Vistage International since 2005.

Ron Huber

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