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Shawn Smiley is the CTO at Achieve with a focus on architecting and building highly scalable, reliable, secure, and high-performance web applications on Drupal. Over the last 23 years, Shawn has actively participated in the evolution of the World Wide Web. Shawn began his career in web development in 1996 where he worked through the evolution from CGI/WebDBC to ASP/JSP/Cold Fusion, to .net, and finally to Drupal and PHP. During his career, Shawn has been actively involved in all aspects of system design and implementation, including networking and hosting design, database administration, integration with legacy systems, and working with cutting-edge technology to deliver the optimal platform to customers.

Over the last few years, Shawn has made numerous contributions to the Drupal community including regularly presenting at Drupal Camps while contributing and maintaining multiple modules on

Shawn Smiley

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